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Decisions the no code platform that empowers users to build solutions that work for them. Optimising and tracking data and processes for small business and large enterprises.

The Forrester New Wave™

Forrester describes the Decisions Platform as a strong performer in its Digital Decisioning Platforms, Q4 2018 report.

With an astonishingly large number of decision management features, companies that have limited development resources can get up to speed quickly with a hosted solution.

Firewall Applications can help you develop your first application and get started with Decisioons.

Business Rules Management Systems

Gartner’s article provides a recommended approach to implementing a system such as Decisions. Engagement with stakeholders and identification of the business rules with significant impact are a good place to start.

Firewall Applications are able to assist you in developing a strategy for implementing Decisions throughout your organisation and delivering benefit right from the start.

Decisions is fast

Obviously, it depends on what you are doing but with a capability of more than 250 million flow steps per hour on a single server. Decisions will speed through you process.

Evaluating business rules – don’t worry. Decisions can handle twelve thousand rule executions per second per processor when running on standard servers.

Heavy duty data processing tasks – offload them to another server

Decisions as an Extract Transform Load Platform

Within Decisions the system of record can be any database or storage system you choose. Decisions can be used to move records from one location to another cleaning and verifying each record during the transfer. As a rules engine sophisticated rules can be built to schedule, monitor and control the data transfers.

Where does it come from

Worried about managing development, test and production environments in a non code environment? Don’t be. Decisions can be configured with a repository that allows you to track and control revisions of flows, reports and everything you can define in Decisions. It is then easy to tag these as release and promote between environments. Obviously, everything is audited and can be reported on.

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